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Universiteit LeidenBlended Learning - Summer School voltijd Leiden
For professionals. Blended Learning is a teaching method in which face to face class sessions are alternated by online activities of students and teachers.
Universiteit LeidenColumbia Summer Program voltijd Leiden
For more than 50 years, students and professionals have joined us for the Columbia Summer Program to learn about all aspects of American Law taught by Professors from Columbia University, New York.
Universiteit LeidenEuropeanisation of Administrative Law in the Member States Law voltijd Den Haag
During the summer course scholars from the different EU Member States will share their knowledge and insights on the impact of EU law on their national administrative law and practice.
Universiteit LeidenForensic Archaeology Summer School voltijd Leiden
This five-day course is aimed at forensic practitioners who would like to improve their search, documentation and excavation skills of clandestine graves.
Universiteit LeidenFrontiers of Children's Rights voltijd Leiden
For Advanced Students and Professionals
Universiteit LeidenHonours Academy voltijd Leiden
De Honours Academy biedt getalenteerde en gemotiveerde studenten alle kansen om zich tijdens hun studie te ontwikkelen tot leiders voor de toekomst.
Universiteit LeidenHuman Rights and Transitional Justice: Truth-Finding, Remedies and Reparations voltijd Den Haag
The Human Rights and Transitional Justice Summer School focuses on a different theme within the field of human rights and transitional justice each year.
Universiteit LeidenInternational Arbitration Training Course - Summer School voltijd Den Haag
For Advanced Law Students and Professional
Universiteit LeidenInternational Arbitration Training Course - Summer School voltijd Leiden
The Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies at Leiden University and the Permanent Court of Arbitration are pleased to launch an International Arbitration Training Course.
Universiteit LeidenInternational Children's Rights voltijd Leiden
Leiden and The Hague, 11-15 July 2016. Frontiers of Children's Rights provides a comprehensive children's rights course.
Universiteit LeidenInternational Criminal Law: From Theory To Practice voltijd Leiden
For Law Students and Professionals | This summer school enables students and professionals from all over the world to engage in discussions on the prospects and challenges of international criminal ju
Universiteit LeidenInternational Humanitarian Law in Theory and Practice voltijd Den Haag
This summer the Grotius Centre will host the second edition of the International Humanitarian Law Summer School.
Universiteit LeidenInternational Tax Law: US Domestic Tax Law - Individual Income Tax Law voltijd Leiden
This course covers the basics of federal income taxation of individuals.
Universiteit LeidenModern Physics At All Scales voltijd Leiden
Present day physics stretches from better understanding of the evolution of the universe to the physics of condensed matter, biological processes, soft matter and metamaterials.
Universiteit LeidenPhilology and Manuscripts from the Muslim World (LUCIS) voltijd Leiden
This summer school is organised for graduate (MA and PhD) students and researchers who have an interest in handwritten materials, in editing, and in the tradition of editing in the Muslim world.
Universiteit LeidenSexual Orientation and Gender Identity in International Law - Summer School voltijd Den Haag
This summer school focuses on the emergence of SOGI issues in different areas of international law, such as human rights law, refugee law and international criminal law.
Universiteit LeidenSexual Orientation and Gender Identity in International Law: Progress, Consolidation, Stagnation voltijd Leiden
This summer school on key international law aspects of sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) will be held in The Hague as well as in Amsterdam.
Universiteit LeidenSummer School Fundamentals of Population Health Management voltijd Den Haag
An aging population, rising healthcare costs and technical developments in the medical sector. This Summer School focuses on how and why Population Health Management can deal with these challenges.
Universiteit LeidenTechnical Medicine voltijd Leiden
Leiden University offers a unique interdisciplinary joint-degree Master programme in technical medicine together with TU Delft, Erasmus University Rotterdam and their academic medical centers.
Universiteit LeidenThe Leiden/ESA Astrophysics Programme for Summer Students (LEAPS) 2017 - Summer School voltijddeeltijd Leiden
Universiteit LeidenUS Corporate Income Tax Law voltijd