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This summer school will focus on building capabilities and business strategies for Smart Cities.

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In 2050 the largest cities in the world are expected to be in Africa. Luanda, the capital of Angola, is estimated to have 6 Million people today and will continue to grow. Today’s infrastructure is not designed for such large population. Economic creation is struggling already now. Food, Housing, Transport, Health & safety require a sound thought process on answering key questions. This opens up questions, such as:

- Will enough resources be developed to build the future large cities?

- How to develop capabilities and businesses to support smart cities in Angola?

- What are the key challenges today?

- Under what conditions will it be possible to build a smart city and who will be able to take the challenge?

- What are the Ethical and Legal consequences?

- What kind of transition will take place?


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group discussion, seminar, self study
After this course you will be able to:

  • learn about Africa Growth, Culture and Challenges
  • formulate questions for scientific research and make use of Qualitative Research
  • integrate multi-disciplinary elements and recognize multi-level aspects.
  • connect and master African business work environment
study load
Upon successful completion of the program, the Summer School offers a Certificate of Attendance that mentions the workload of 80 hours (28 hours corresponds to 1 ECTS). Students can apply for recognition of these credits to the relevant authorities in their home institutions.

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