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NHL voltijd Leeuwarden
Amsterdam UVAA Peaceful Mind voltijd Amsterdam
This summer course explores Emotion Regulation and contemplative practices across education, clinical, organizational, and social structures to develop new strategies to health and wellness.
HanzeAbdominal Ultrasound voltijd Groningen
After completing this course, you are able to descibe the basics of ultrasound physics, the production and interaction of ultrasound and more.
SaxionAcademische pabo voltijd Deventer
Wil je leraar basisonderwijs worden en studeren aan de pabo, maar dan wel in kortere tijd en op een hoger niveau? De academische pabo van Hogeschool Saxion biedt die mogelijkheid.
Radboud UniversiteitAchieving Academic Excellence voltijd Nijmegen
In one week, you will discover your personal communication style and qualities, and master three fundamental communication skills.
NyenrodeAdvanced Marketing Programme voltijd Stichtse Vecht
In het tweedaagse Advanced Marketing Program staan actuele ontwikkelingen binnen de marketing centraal en leer je hoe je deze kunt integreren binnen jouw eigen marketingstrategie.
AT ComputingAdvanced Python voltijd NIEUWEGEIN
De cursus Advanced Python behandelt de gevorderde onderwerpen die van belang kunnen zijn bij het programmeren in grotere projecten. Enerzijds gaan we in op algemene onderwerpen die relevant zijn vo...
Wageningen UniversityAfrica Nutrition Leadership Programme (ANLP) voltijd Raaswater
2 weeks very intensive course with emphasis on group work, it is a leadership and networking seminar aimed at developing leadership capabilities in nutrition in Africa
NIMO PMIAgilePM Foundation voltijd Doorn
Wilt u op een projectmatige wijze veranderingen doorvoeren? En wilt u dat op een agile wijze aanpakken? Dan is Agile Project Management de training die u zoekt.
Amsterdam UVAAlcohol, Drugs and Addiction voltijd Amsterdam
This two week Institute seeks to provide a multi disciplinary approach to the study of addiction. The course will focus on policy models, prevention, evidenced based treatment, and how they intersect.
HvAAmerican and Russian Foreign Policy in the Caucasus voltijd Amsterdam
HvAAmerican and Russian Foreign Policy in the Caucasus voltijd 
The course clarifies the specificity of the South Caucasus Region, as Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia, the crossing-place of different cultures and political systems.
HvAAmsterdam and I voltijd 
This course pays attention to Amsterdam as it was, and how it is now. Besides developments in Amsterdam there will be attention to situations in the countries of origin of the participating students.
Amsterdam UVAAmsterdam Sensescapes voltijd Amsterdam
Together, we will investigate how the Second World War changed the fabric of the city and its inhabitants. We will examine the legacy that famous artists and designers from here and across the world l
AT ComputingAnsible configuration management voltijd UTRECHT
Ansible is een configuratie beheertool zoals Puppet, Chef, CFEngine en andere. Maar Ansible werkt zonder master/slave setup en is veel eenvoudiger te leren, op te zetten en te gebruiken.
RUGAntimicrobial Resistance voltijd Groningen
In this summer school, Participants will discuss and practice in real-time the management of each 'patient' in terms of infection prevention and control, diagnostics and treatment
AT ComputingApache web server configuratie voltijd NIEUWEGEIN
De populairste webserver Al sinds 1996 is Apache verreweg de populairste web server op het Internet. Apache kan worden gebruikt op diverse platforms waaronder Linux en MS Windows.
Amsterdam VUApplications of Fluorescence in the Life Sciences voltijd 
Fluorescence spectroscopy and microscopy have become common techniques in cell biology and biophysics. This is due to the incredibly high sensitivity and selectivity of fluorescence, combined with its
Amsterdam UVAArchitecture programme - Amsterdam/Rotterdam: Exploring Identity voltijd Amsterdam
This programme will explore the influence of architecture and urban design on the identity of cities. Showcases will be Amsterdam and Rotterdam - two cities with very different backgrounds.
Amsterdam VUArtificial Intelligence for a Healthy Life voltijd 
On this course you study yourself and your own habits to create a practical tool employing artificial intelligence to help you and your peers live healthier lives.
Radboud UniversiteitAzole Resistance in Aspergillus Fumigatus - from Fungicide to Bedside voltijd Nijmegen
8-12 August 2016. In this interactive course you will explore the resistance problem from the perspectives of the fungus, its natural environment and its interaction with the human host.
De BaakBaak Strategie Programma voltijddeeltijdavondonderwijs de Baak Driebergen
Kijk vooruit en benut de kansen
Wageningen UniversityBachelor Honours Programme voltijd Wageningen
Het Honours Programme is bedoeld voor WUR bachelor studenten die zich niet alleen in hun eigen opleiding willen verdiepen, maar ook nieuwsgierig zijn naar andere takken van de wetenschap.
ErasmusBasisbeginselen van strategie voltijd Rotterdam
Ontwikkel een grondige kennis van strategie en de analytische en conceptuele vaardigheden die je nodig hebt om bij te dragen aan het succes van je bedrijf.
Bedrijfseconomie basis voltijd Leeuwarden
Een eigen bedrijf... voor veel mensen een droom. Een goed ondernemingsplan vormt de basis voor een succesvolle onderneming.
NHLBedrijfseconomie basis voltijd Leeuwarden
Een eigen bedrijf... voor veel mensen een droom. Een goed ondernemingsplan vormt de basis voor een succesvolle onderneming.
ErasmusBedrijfsmodelinnovatie voltijd Rotterdam
Ontdek nieuwe methoden voor het tot stand brengen, beoordelen en implementeren van bedrijfsmodelinnovatie in je organisatie.
De BaakBezielend Leiderschap voltijddeeltijdavondonderwijs de Baak Driebergen
Maak het verschil vanuit een diepere missie
Amsterdam VUBhuddism and Psychology: A Hermeneutical Interface (VU Amsterdam Summer School) voltijd Amsterdam
Explore Buddhism's reception in and outside of Asia and critically examine how global modernity tends to “psychologize” the sacred and “sacralize” psychology.
Amsterdam VUBig Data Management and Analysis in UNIX (VU Amsterdam Summer School) voltijd Amsterdam
The growing availability of extremely large datasets requires scientists and analysts to use powerful supercomputers or computer clusters to store, manage, and analyze these data. These clusters typic
Amsterdam VUBig Ideas in Computer Science: Understanding the Digitized World (VU Amsterdam Summer School) voltijd Amsterdam
Interaction with computers has become a big part of our daily life, but they do much more than help us with practicalities.
RUGBiobanking voltijd Groningen
Please join us for the UMCG summer short course exploring the fundamentals of biobanking and cohort research.
Radboud UniversiteitBiofilms: From Molecular Anatomy to Supramolecular Systems voltijd Nijmegen
1-5 August 2016. In this course you will gain insight in how the most prevailing microbial structure on the planet changes our life and environment.
SaxionBK5, Commercieel-Technische Bedrijfskunde voltijd Enschede
BK5 is een éénjarige studieroute, bedoeld voor studenten die een technische opleiding op hbo-niveau hebben afgesloten en die affiniteit hebben met marketing, commercie en bedrijfskunde.
Universiteit LeidenBlended Learning - Summer School voltijd Leiden
For professionals. Blended Learning is a teaching method in which face to face class sessions are alternated by online activities of students and teachers.
SaxionBMER Versnelde route Economie voor vwo voltijd 
Bij Saxion kun je kiezen voor BMER Versnelde route Economie voor vwo'ers. Dit is een nieuwe 3-jarige studieroute die valt onder op de opleiding Bedrijfskundige MER in Enschede.
RUGBone, Joint & Tendon Care voltijd Groningen
The goal of this summer school in Bone, Joint & Tendon Care is to teach an, English-taught, 7day program using a multidisciplinary approach to the subject of healthy ageing and movement disorders.
ZuidemaBoost your influence® voltijd Oosterbeek
Fris je kennis van het Invloedmodel® op en breng je invloedskills weer terug op topniveau.
Amsterdam VUBrain and Mind (VU Amsterdam Summer School) voltijd Amsterdam
Thorough introduction to cognitive neuroscience and related research. Special features include field visits and the unique opportunity to execute a cognition experiment from start to finish.
Radboud UniversiteitBrain Computer Interfaces: How They Work and How to Build One voltijd Nijmegen
This course teaches how to make a system able read some particular thoughts (such as surprise or limb movement) from brain-waves measured with EEG.
Radboud UniversiteitBrain Imaging Genetics: Genetics for Imagers voltijd Nijmegen
8 - 12 August 2016. This intensive one-week course covers various aspects of genetics analyses of neuroimaging data.
Amsterdam UVABranding voltijd Amsterdam
Branding is a promise made, and a promise kept. What factors go into creating a winning brand, the strategy behind it, and continued loyalty of consumers?
Maastricht UniversityBuilding Resilience and Adaptive Governance voltijd Maastricht
The course aims to develop an interdisciplinary perspective on resilience and adaptive governance in the light of social-ecological crises and environmental change.
Maastricht UniversityBusiness & Economics in Europe voltijd Maastricht
The programme is designed to give business and economics students a greater understanding of the international business practices in Europe and the economic policies of the European Union.
Maastricht UniversityBusiness Engineering voltijd Maastricht
RUGCardiovascular Regenerative Medicine voltijd Groningen
The Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine Summer school is a one-week interactive school about the complexities of regenerative medicine in cardiovascular biomedical research.
NHLCasemanagement en Mobiliteit voltijd Leeuwarden
Amsterdam VUCausal Evaluation Methods in Education Research voltijd 
Policymakers around the world are increasingly making evidence-based decisions about the use of scarce resources in such fields as education.
Maastricht UniversityCertificate Courses in Health Education voltijd Amersfoort
A programme of Certificate Courses in Health Professions Education has been introduced, in order to cater for participants at the level of course organisers.
Radboud UniversiteitChemometrics: Introduction to Advanced Chemical Data Analysis voltijd Nijmegen
8 - 12 August 2016. During the course you will be introduced to the most important chemometric data analysis methods and how they may benefit interpretation of analytical chemical data.
Radboud UniversiteitCitizenship and Migration: Europe's 21st Century Challenges voltijd 
Wageningen UniversityClimate change and food security nexus voltijd 
De BaakCoachend Leiderschap voltijddeeltijdavondonderwijs de Baak Driebergen
Laat je medewerkers zelf in beweging komen!
De BaakCoaching on the Job voltijddeeltijdavondonderwijs de Baak Driebergen
Begeleiden en ontwikkelen van collega's
RUGCognitive Modelling voltijd Groningen
We are happy to announce the third Groningen Spring School on Cognitive Modelling (April 9-13, 2018)
RUGCollaboration for Innovation voltijd Groningen
Collaborative innovation has deserved ample attention from scholars, managers, and policy makers.
ErasmusCollegereeks Business information management voltijd 
Leer nieuwe ontwikkelingen rond kennismanagement, sociale media, cloud computing and crowd sourcing.
ErasmusCollegereeks Financieel Management voltijd 
Leer omgaan met besliscriteria voor een grote verscheidenheid aan financieel-economische vraagstukken.
ErasmusCollegereeks Human resource management voltijd Rotterdam
Krijg inzicht in hoe een voorgenomen strategisch beleid met het beschikbare personeel gerealiseerd kan worden.
ErasmusCollegereeks Leiderschap, management en bestuur voltijd 
Onderzoek wat leiderschap is en leer hoe het in de praktijk kan worden gebracht en ontwikkeld.
ErasmusCollegereeks Management van verandering voltijd Rotterdam
Ontwikkel verschillende inzichten in het organiseren van veranderprocessen en leer hoe u veranderprocessen kunt sturen.
ErasmusCollegereeks Marketing strategie voltijd Rotterdam
Vergaar kennis van belangrijke concepten en theorieën die samen het fundament van het vakgebied marketing strategie vormen.
ErasmusCollegereeks New business: innovatie en ondernemerschap voltijd 
Realiseer nieuwe bedrijvigheid door het starten van nieuwe bedrijven of business units, de ontwikkeling van diensten en produceren of procesverbeteringen.
ErasmusCollegereeks Operational excellence voltijd 
Behaal concurrentievoordeel door het optimaliseren van operationele processen die diensten en goederen voortbrengen.
Universiteit LeidenColumbia Summer Program voltijd Leiden
For more than 50 years, students and professionals have joined us for the Columbia Summer Program to learn about all aspects of American Law taught by Professors from Columbia University, New York.
NIMO PMICombinatietraining Praktisch projectmanagement- IPMA-D voltijddeeltijdavondonderwijs Amersfoort
Dit combinatie traject biedt het beste van de twee werelden. Praktisch Projectmanagement 1 biedt u een uitstekende basis voor het opzetten van complexe projecten in de praktijk en het leidinggeven
De BaakCommunicatie met Impact! voltijddeeltijdavondonderwijs de Baak Driebergen
Maximale impact in 48 uur!
ErasmusCommunication with Power and Impact for Women voltijd Rotterdam
Understand and master the effects of body language and tone to increase your power and influence through communication.
Maastricht UniversityComparative Analysis of Global News Coverage voltijd 
This course will examine current events and the way they are covered in a variety of media outlets around the world, looking at framing, bias, stereotypes, context, story structure and placement.
Maastricht UniversityComparative Migration Policy voltijd Maastricht
The goal of this course is to make students familiar with different types of migration policies and the causes and consequences of these policies.
Maastricht UniversityComparative Regionalism voltijd Maastricht
This course will take over from the theory-oriented introductory course 'Introduction to Regions' to explore practices of regional cooperation in different parts of the world.
Specialist DevelopmentConsulting Skills - De taal van de klant begrijpen voltijd Dieren
De training Consulting Skill - De taal van de klant begrijpen is onderdeel van de Consulting Skills serie, maar wordt ook los aangeboden.
Specialist DevelopmentConsulting Skills - Adviesvaardigheden voor Professionals voltijd Dieren
Los van de inhoud van je advies is het belangrijk om je advies zo goed mogelijk over te brengen. Dit is een uitdagende opdracht, zeker wanneer je door de inhoud van je werk gedreven wordt. Consult…
Specialist DevelopmentConsulting Skills - Hoe krijg ik mensen mee? voltijd Dieren
De training Consulting Skills - Hoe krijg ik mensen mee? is onderdeel van de Consulting Skills serie, maar wordt ook los aangeboden.
Specialist DevelopmentConsulting Skills - Invloed in de Adviesrelatie voltijd Dieren
Invloed in de Adviesrelatie is de tweede training tijdens het Consulting Skills pakket en wordt ook los aangeboden.
Specialist DevelopmentConsulting Skills - Mijn boodschap overbrengen voltijd Dieren
Deze training (Je boodschap overbrengen) van de zesdelige serie Consulting Skills wordt ook los aangeboden
Specialist DevelopmentConsulting Skills - Mijn potentieel benutten voltijd Dieren
De training Consulting Skills - Je potentieel benutten is een onderdeel van de Consulting Skills reeks, maar wordt ook los aangeboden.
Specialist DevelopmentConsulting Skills - Principes van effectieve communicatie voltijd Dieren
De startbijeenkomst van de zesdelige Consulting Skills- Principes van effectieve communicatie training wordt ook los aangeboden.
Radboud UniversiteitContemporary Concepts in Dental Education and Personalized Health Care voltijd Nijmegen
You will learn about concepts of learning, e-learning, problem based learning, problem based treatment planning and Evidence Based Dentistry as practised at our College of Dental Science.
Radboud UniversiteitContemporary Russian Visual Culture (in Moscow) voltijd Nijmegen
18-29 July 2016 In this course you'll analyze Russian culture. In Moscow you identify the aspects of Russian visual culture and which meanings they represent. The course takes place in Moscow!
Amsterdam VUContextual Biblical Interpretation (VU Amsterdam Summer School) voltijd Amsterdam
Millions of people read the Bible every day, in hundreds of languages and versions, and every one of them interprets it in their own way. For some, every verse is to be taken literally; others draw th
ErasmusCorporate Branding voltijd 
RUGCorporate Governance and the Effectiviness of Boards voltijd Groningen
Understanding how corporate boards are formed and how they act has become an important topic.
Maastricht UniversityCountry Risk Analysis: Growth Potential, Economic Policy and External Finances of Emerging Markets voltijd 
This course teaches you the skills to study country risks in Emerging Markets from an economic perspective.
Amsterdam UVACrash Course in Experimental Economics voltijd Amsterdam
This one-week crash course is an introduction to experimental economics. The course provides students with the skills needed to design and run an experiment.
RUGCreating a climate for change voltijd Groningen
This school is an interdisciplinary learning experience aimed at inspiring and activating students (PhD, Masters) and professionals working or studying fields related to integrated sustainability.
Maastricht UniversityCreating health literate societies: bridging the gap of inequality voltijd 
The aim of the course is to equip students with health literacy leadership skills to play an active role as professionals in creating health literate societies.
SaxionCreative Media & Game Technologies voltijd 
Lijkt het jou ook wel wat om aan de slag te gaan met de nieuwste creatieve technologieën? Kies dan voor een van de studieroutes en -richtingen van Creative Media and Game Technologies.
Amsterdam VUCreativity and Innovation (in collaboration with Cardiff University) (VU Amsterdam Summer School) voltijd Amsterdam
Investigate the complex relationship between innovation and success in the corporate environment. Go behind company lines to apply the basics of design thinking and creative management.
Amsterdam VUCrime and Location: Spatial Analysis and Mapping (VU Amsterdam Summer School) voltijd Amsterdam
From the cruel slaughter of critically endangered rhinos for their horns to illegal hunting and the destruction of protected habitats, crimes involving wildlife evoke a visceral emotional response in
Amsterdam VUCrime in Numbers: From Correlation to Causation (VU Amsterdam Summer School) voltijd Amsterdam
Randomized controlled trials are the gold standard for causal inference. Using an experimental and a control group, double-blind and with a placebo, the effect of an intervention can be neatly determi
Amsterdam VUCrime On Candid Camera: Observe Undisturbed Human Interaction (VU Amsterdam Summer School) voltijd Amsterdam
Social scientists rarely get to observe undisturbed human interaction “in the raw”. Recently, however, real-world observations of human behaviour have become accessible to social scientists.
SaxionCrime Science voltijd 
Crime Science (CS) richt zich op het chemisch, biologisch en natuurkundig onderzoek. Onderzoek dat moet worden uitgevoerd om antwoord de geven op de vraag 'wat is er precies gebeurd?'.
Amsterdam VUCriminal Organizations: An Economic Perspective voltijd 
Popular TV shows like Narcos, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy and The Sopranos purport to portray the workings of organized crime, and their huge audiences reveal our fascination with this hidden underw
ErasmusCrisis Communication voltijd 
RUGCritical Theory in Philosophy voltijd Groningen
This summer school will cover central philosophical themes addressed by the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory.
Maastricht UniversityCurriculum and Course Design in Medical Education voltijd Amersfoort
Participants will learn how to systematically design a course or educational programme.
Amsterdam VUCybercrime: The Human Factor voltijd 
As society has gone digital, so has crime. Not only have new offences appeared, like hacking and attacks designed to take down websites or networks, but IT has begun to play an increasingly important
Amsterdam VUData Analysis in R (VU Amsterdam Summer School) voltijd Amsterdam
Thorough introduction to various R software packages, linear regression, and variable analysis. Practical training in writing functions, data presentation, and multi-item scales.
Maastricht UniversityData Collection and Analysis for Migration Studies voltijd Maastricht
The goal of this course is to ensure that students are both comfortable with and capable of using the major data methodologies in migration studies.
TU EindhovenData Science voltijdduale Eindhoven
Ready for the next step after your master? Apply for a PDEng and become a technological designer. The PDEng Data Science is concerned with finding patterns & creating value from vast streams of data
Databases en SQL voltijd Leeuwarden
Wil je kennismaken met databases en met databasemanagementsystemen? Wil je weten hoe je een database op een goede manier inricht en hoe je de gegevens er weer uithaalt?
NHLDatabases en SQL voltijd Leeuwarden
Wil je kennismaken met databases en met databasemanagementsystemen? Wil je weten hoe je een database op een goede manier inricht en hoe je de gegevens er weer uithaalt?
De Baakde Baak Leap voltijddeeltijdavondonderwijs de Baak Driebergen
Voor de ambitieuze leider die een sprong wil maken in persoonlijk en strategisch leiderschap
Specialist Developmentde Impactvolle Professional voltijdavondonderwijs Dieren
De impactvolle professional is een intensief leertraject voor professionals die hun impact willen vergroten. ​Het traject is ontwikkeld voor senior vakspecialisten en gidsen uit alle disciplines.
De BaakDe Informele Leider voltijddeeltijdavondonderwijs de Baak Driebergen
Invloed zonder formele macht
ErasmusDe kern van coaching voltijd Rotterdam
Een zeer ervaringsgerichte cursus die is bedoeld je de coachingshulpmiddelen te bieden om het beste uit anderen te halen.
ErasmusDe kracht van aanwezigheid voltijd Rotterdam
Richt je op je non-verbale presentatie en sterke punten en leer hoe je krachtig en invloedrijk kunt communiceren.
ErasmusDe kracht van het verhaal voltijd Rotterdam
Leer hoe je verhalen kunt gebruiken om klanten, collega's en zakenpartners aan te trekken en te binden.
AT ComputingDe programmeertaal C voltijd NIEUWEGEIN
De cursus Programmeertaal C behandelt de verschillende aspecten van het programmeren in de taal C. Je leert de syntax van de taal en je leert omgaan met de standaard-bibliotheek waarmee je vanuit e...
AT ComputingDe programmeertaal Go voltijd UTRECHT
Programmeren met Go De programmeertaal Go is gebaseerd op de ervaringen die de laatste decennia zijn opgedaan met talen als C en C++ en met geïnterpreteerde talen als Java en Python.
AT ComputingDe programmeertaal Perl voltijd UTRECHT
AT ComputingDe programmeertaal Python voltijd UTRECHT
Python is een programmeertaal die op vele fronten inzetbaar is. Begin jaren '90 heeft de Nederlander Guido van Rossum voortgeborduurd op de fundamenten van de taal ABC die in de jaren '80 bij het C...
AT ComputingDe shell, sed en awk voor gevorderden voltijd NIEUWEGEIN
Wie al een tijdje shell scripts schrijft, krijgt geleidelijk aan het gevoel: "Hier moet meer mee kunnen". Systeembeheerders die scripts moeten maken voor complexe taken en deze ook behoorlijk wille...
ErasmusDe uitdagingen van leiderschap voltijd Rotterdam
Begrijp de fundamentele eigenschappen en stijlen die nodig zijn voor uitstekend leiderschap waarmee teams en bedrijven kunnen worden opgebouwd.
Radboud UniversiteitDeath and Meaning Making in Europe voltijd Nijmegen
8 - 12 August 2016. In this course you will be introduced to the multidisciplinary study of death and dying, its historical and cultural aspects, its rituals and beliefs, in Europe and the Netherlands
Amsterdam VUDebates About the Nature of Human Cognition voltijd 
In a very profound way, it appears that human cognition is shaped and structured by the body and features of our socio-cultural environment. What impact does this have on our understanding of cognitiv
Radboud UniversiteitDebt & Inequality in the 21st Century voltijd Nijmegen
8 - 12 August 2016. You will explore ideas on debt and inequality, looking at major trends and cultural meanings and you will learn research methodologies to develop an empirically informed position.
Radboud UniversiteitDecision Analysis: Theory & Practice voltijd Nijmegen
1 - 12 August 2016. By following this course you will acquire a working knowledge of decision theories and decision-analytic methods as well as skills to apply these methods.
Amsterdam VUDecolonizing Europe: History, Ideas and Praxis (in collaboration with the Center for the Study of Slavery & Justice at Brown University) voltijd Amsterdam
Explore Amsterdam as an open air laboratory and examine Europe's post-colonial notions of citizenship. Co-sponsored by Brown University and the Dutch National Museum of World Cultures.
Amsterdam VUDecolonizing Europe: History, Memory, Redress (with the Center for the Study of Slavery & Justice at Brown University) (VU Amsterdam Summer School) voltijd Amsterdam
Take a fresh approach to current debates surrounding notions of citizenship and belonging within postcolonial, post-Cold War Europe.
Amsterdam VUDesign, Society and Cultures of Display in Museums voltijd 
When you visit a museum, do you ever think about how the exhibits are presented to you? How can everything scholars know about a topic, and all the artefacts representing it, be condensed into one bui
Radboud UniversiteitDeutschland und seine Nachbarn: Interkulturelle Kommunikation voltijd Nijmegen
Der Kurs fokussiert auf deutsch-niederländische Kommunikation im Vergleich zu beispielsweise Deutschland und Polen oder Frankreich, wo slawische und romanische Kulturen die Kommunikation mitgestalten.
Radboud UniversiteitDeutschland und seine Nachbarn: Kollektive Identitäten im Vergleich voltijd Nijmegen
1 - 5 August 2016. In dieser dritten Summerschool 'Deutschland und seine Nachbarn' steht die Bildung kollektiver Identitäten zentral.
ErasmusDeveloping Social Housing Projects (DSHP) – Property Management with a Social Mandate (IHS) voltijd Rotterdam
One of the characteristics of developing countries is fast growing cities and the lack of affordable housing. This short course tunes your skills to improve housing conditions of people in real need.
RUGDiamicon voltijd Groningen
This summer school picks DIAbetic MIcrovascular COMplications (DIAMICOM) as a central theme
ErasmusDigitaal leiderschap en verandering voltijd 
Ontwikkel de vaardigheden en verantwoordelijkheden die zijn vereist om de capaciteit van een team of organisatie aan te passen, zodat digitale transformaties met succes kunnen worden geïntegreerd.
HvADigital Brand Engagement voltijd 
Amsterdam UVADigital Methods Summer Course voltijd Amsterdam
The Digital Methods Summer School is open to all applicants MA level and up, incl PhD candidates and motivated scholars as well as practitioners.
ErasmusDigitale analytics voltijd Rotterdam
Deze cursus biedt je de hulpmiddelen die je nodig hebt om de gigantische hoeveelheid big data te beheren aan de hand van analytics en gaat in op databeheerstrategieën die je kunt inzetten om gebruik t
ErasmusDigitale innovatie voltijd Rotterdam
Reageer op verandering veroorzaakt door digitale verstoring door gebruik te maken van fundamentele digitale technologieën en deze om te zetten in concrete zakelijke kansen.
ErasmusDigitale strategie voltijd Rotterdam
Met deze opleiding leer je hoe jij en je bedrijf gebruik kunnen maken van opkomende verstorende technologieën (zoals Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain) die dreigen jouw industrie
ErasmusDiploma Programme in Customs and Supply Chain Compliance voltijd Rotterdam
The nine-day Diploma Programme in Customs and Supply Chain Compliance enables you to better understand EU customs law, auditing, IT and supply chain to improve co-operation in international trade.
ErasmusDiplomaopleiding in digitale transformatie voltijd Rotterdam
Een digitale verstoring hoeft geen bedreiging te zijn, maar kan ook een kans betekenen voor je bedrijf. Dat leer je tijdens de diplomaopleiding in digitale transformatie van RSM.
Amsterdam VUDiscover (the) Dutch: Dutch Language and Culture (VU Amsterdam Summer School) voltijd Amsterdam
Dive head-first into Dutch society! Enjoy a crash-course primer in basic Dutch and an interactive study of Dutch culture in an international context. Featuring a special visit to the Rijksmuseum.
Radboud UniversiteitDiscover the Netherlands: Field Trips to Amsterdam, Utrecht and Nijmegen voltijd Nijmegen
Amsterdam VUDoing Research with Discourse Analysis: A Discourse Perspective on Making Sense of Social Change (in collaboration with Lancaster University) voltijd Amsterdam
Gain advanced academic skills for interdisciplinary research design and discourse analysis. Open to students from all disciplines with an interest in the social relevance of their study.
Amsterdam VUDoing Research with Discourse Analysis: A Discourse Perspective on Making Sense of Social Change (with Lancaster University) (VU Amsterdam Summer School voltijd Amsterdam
DP Sea time reduction voltijd Leeuwarden
The DP Sea time reduction course is the solution for everyone who wants to reduce his seafaring time necessary for the DP certificate.
NHLDP Sea time reduction voltijd Leeuwarden
The DP Sea time reduction course is the solution for everyone who wants to reduce his seafaring time necessary for the DP certificate.
Maastricht UniversityDutch Art History voltijd 
The course is about Dutch art – with an emphasis on painting.
Radboud UniversiteitDutch Culture and Language voltijd Nijmegen
8 - 12 August 2016. Are you going to study or work in the Netherlands and would you like to know more about Dutch culture? Then our Dutch Culture and Language course is just the thing for you.
ErasmusDuurzame financiering voltijd Rotterdam
Deze drie dagen durende cursus gaat in op het waarom, wat en hoe van duurzame financiering, geeft je praktische hulpmiddelen voor het implementeren van duurzaam investeren en lenen.
Radboud UniversiteitDynamic Business Models voltijd Nijmegen
8-12 August 2016. In this course, you will learn to have a comprehensive look at issues such as external shocks and competitors' actions, overcoming departmental boundaries within organisations.
Radboud UniversiteitEarly Programming: How Early Life Shapes Human Development voltijd Nijmegen
8-12 August 2016 During the prenatal and early postnatal years, development proceeds at a breathtaking pace. We will employ evolutionary, biological, psychological and social perspectives.
Amsterdam UVAEconomics and Game Theory voltijd 
Economics help us to address - and frequently is the language of - key debates. Participants in this programme will learn the principles of economics and receive an introduction to game theory for stu
Maastricht UniversityEconomics of European Integration - Challenges, policies & practices in the European Business Environment voltijd 
The course discusses the key economic policy areas of the European Union and offers an analysis of the different approaches to regional economic integration throughout the history of the European Unio
ErasmusEconomics of Health Inequality voltijd Rotterdam
This course will arm you with tools to measure health inequality.
Wageningen UniversityEcosystem approach to fisheries voltijd 
ZuidemaEffectief Onderhandelen voltijdavondonderwijs Apeldoorn
Ontdek in korte tijd welk gedrag je invloedrijker maakt als onderhandelaar en zorg altijd voor een win-win situatie.
De BaakEffectieve Persoonlijke Communicatie voltijddeeltijdavondonderwijs de Baak Driebergen
Dé communicatietraining van Nederland
ErasmusEffective Negotiating Skills voltijd Rotterdam
Find the skills and the confidence needed to develop your own style of negotiation and learn how to apply the fundamental concepts.
HanzeElectronic Product Design and Engineering voltijd Groningen
Electronic Product Design and Engineering focuses on high end topics in electrical engineering. The programme covers all major aspects of developing and engineering innovative electronics products.
Amsterdam VUEmpirical Legal Studies: An Introduction to Research Methods for Legal Scholars (VU Amsterdam Summer School) voltijd Amsterdam
Thorough introduction to the basics of social science research methodology and opportunity to gain hands-on, know-how training by conducting your own field study. No prior study required.
ErasmusEmployee Communication voltijd 
HanzeEnergy and Society voltijd Assen
The Energy & Society study programme addresses the growing necessity to approach the developments in the field of energy from a combined social, technical and business perspective.
RUGEnergy Transition, Geopolitics & Urban Security voltijd Groningen
The Groningen Energy Summer School 2016 for PhD students takes an interdisciplinary approach to the societal and technological dimensions of energy transition.
Engels voltijd Leeuwarden
Wil jij je zakelijke Engels bijschaven met behulp van een praktijkgerichte cursus? Vind jij het vooral belangrijk om jouw Engelse schrijfvaardigheid te verbeteren?
NHLEngels voltijd Leeuwarden
Wil jij je zakelijke Engels bijschaven met behulp van een praktijkgerichte cursus? Vind jij het vooral belangrijk om jouw Engelse schrijfvaardigheid te verbeteren?
HHSEnglish Language Preparatory Course (1 jaar) voltijd Den Haag
This programme aims to prepare you for studying in English medium Bachelors or Masters programmes of The Hague University or at other institutions of Higher Education in the Netherlands.
HHSEnglish Language Preparatory Course (half jaar) voltijd Den Haag
This programme aims to prepare you for studying in English medium Bachelors or Masters programmes of The Hague University or at other institutions of Higher Education in the Netherlands.
Maastricht UniversityEntrepreneurship: it's all about creating value voltijd 
This course will give you tools how you can (or must) rewrite your business model by breaking down patterns and routines.
Amsterdam VUEssential Academic English (B2) voltijd 
This course will give your English a tremendous boost in a short period of time. You will improve your English in an active, positive and results-oriented learning environment. On top of that, it is g
ErasmusEssentials of Leadership voltijd Rotterdam
The three-days Essentials of Leadership Programme helps you to become a successful leader with the latest knowledge and techniques to enhance your personal leadership style and physical intelligence.
HvAEuropean Business Skills voltijd 
Europe is the world's largest trade block with a rich mixture of cultures and languages. The one-week intensive summer school course, European Business Skills (EBS), is a unique opportunity to acquire
HvAEuropean Financial Markets and Institutions voltijd 
In order to understand European financial markets, institutions and their economic decisions, this summer course focuses on the policy measures taken in this respect.
Maastricht UniversityEuropean Law & Human Rights voltijd Maastricht
The European Law & Human Rights programme gives students insight into the complex European matrix of national, international and supranational laws and important human rights issues.
Wageningen UniversityEuropean Master Agroecology voltijd 
The double degree Agroecology is a two year programme including a practical thesis project.
Maastricht UniversityEuropean Public Health in a Globalising World - introducing policy, research and practice from a European healthcare, disease prevention and health promotion perspective voltijd 
The course provides an overview of modern health challenges in Europe and how they are embraced by a variety of stakeholders: policy makers, researchers, practitioners and the civil society.
Maastricht UniversityEuropean Society & History voltijd Maastricht
The European Society & History programme is for students who want to study important societal issues of our time from a European perspective.
HREuropean Summer University voltijd 
This summer programme is a cooperation between Rotterdam Business School and Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. The participating Universities will each focus on their own areas of expertise.
Maastricht UniversityEuropean welfare state: current challenges and perspectives voltijd 
This course deals with the social policy characteristics of the European welfare state.
Universiteit LeidenEuropeanisation of Administrative Law in the Member States Law voltijd Den Haag
During the summer course scholars from the different EU Member States will share their knowledge and insights on the impact of EU law on their national administrative law and practice.
Radboud UniversiteitEuropeans and 'America': Transnational Approaches to US Popular Culture voltijd Nijmegen
This course aims to bring students from different cultures into a transnational dialogue with each other on US popular culture and its effects in cultures and societies outside of the US.
Maastricht UniversityEvidence-Based Policy Research Methods voltijd 
The course equips students with tools to design and analyse evidence-based research. They learn to design a research proposal, analyse data, academic writing and dissemination of research.
AT ComputingExamentraining LPI certificering level 1 examen 101 voltijd UTRECHT
Menig examenkandidaat laat zich erg verrassen door de manier waarop de vragen tijdens het LPI-examen worden gesteld. Hierdoor worden soms vragen fout beantwoord waarop men normaliter het antwoord w...
AT ComputingExamentraining LPI certificering level 1 examen 102 voltijd NIEUWEGEIN
Menig examenkandidaat laat zich erg verrassen door de manier waarop de vragen tijdens het LPI-examen worden gesteld. Hierdoor worden soms vragen fout beantwoord waarop men normaliter het antwoord w...
AT ComputingExamentraining LPI certificering level 2 examen 201 voltijd NIEUWEGEIN
Menig examenkandidaat laat zich erg verrassen door de manier waarop de vragen tijdens het LPI-examen worden gesteld. Hierdoor worden soms vragen fout beantwoord waarop men normaliter het antwoord w...
AT ComputingExamentraining LPI certificering level 2 examen 202 voltijd NIEUWEGEIN
Menig examenkandidaat laat zich erg verrassen door de manier waarop de vragen tijdens het LPI-examen worden gesteld. Hierdoor worden soms vragen fout beantwoord waarop men normaliter het antwoord w...
RUGExploring Entrepreneurship voltijd Groningen
This summer school will study programmes to work in interdisciplinary multilevel groups to explore the core themes of the European Entrepreneurship Summer School.
Amsterdam VUExploring the Archaeology of the Roman Frontier (VU Amsterdam Summer School) voltijd Amsterdam
With Julius Caesar's conquest of Gaul in the first century BC, the Netherlands became part of Rome's northern frontier zone on the European continent.
HRExtensive foundation programme (12 months) voltijd Rotterdam
An ideal starting block for the English-taught Master programmes at Rotterdam Business School.
Wageningen UniversityFacilitating multi-stakeholder partnerships to foster sustainable and inclusive food systems voltijd 
SaxionFast Track Economics voltijd 
Are you a vwo- student and do you love a challenge? Then we have good news for you: at Saxion you can obtain your Economic Bachelor in 3 years!
Amsterdam VUFeeding the Billions: Challenges and Innovation in Food and Water Security (VU Amsterdam Summer School) voltijd Amsterdam
There are 7 billion people to feed today, and this number is expected to increase to 9 billion by 2050. This implies that more food is needed. How?
RUGFifth Groningen Energy Summer School voltijd Groningen
The Groningen Energy Summer School 2015 for PhD students takes an interdisciplinary approach to one of the hottest topics of the energy landscape: smart grids
Amsterdam UVAFinance voltijd 
Prepare for a career in the financial or business world and study one of the five top-level academic specialisation tracks!
ErasmusFinance for Non-Financial Managers voltijd Rotterdam
In the two-day Finance for Non-Financial Managers programme you gain essential knowledge of the most widely used financial tools, helping you to understand the financial aspects of your role.
ErasmusFinance for Senior Managers voltijd Rotterdam
With the three-day Finance for Senior Managers programme you will get the know-how about financial statements, investment decisions and value-based management to give your career a boost.
Amsterdam UVAFinance: Asset Management voltijd 
Are you interested in investing, mutual funds, pension funds or hedge funds? Do you want to know everything about asset pricing and portfolio management? Then this is a MSc programme for you!
Amsterdam UVAFinance: Banking and Regulation voltijd Amsterdam
Do you have it to keep order in the fast-moving world of finance and to become a specialist in financial regulations, banking and international corporate governance? Then this track is it for you.
Amsterdam UVAFinance: Corporate Finance voltijd Amsterdam
Do you have a sharp mind and a fascination with numbers and governance? Do you see yourself working at a bank or a consultancy firm? Then this may be your track within the Finance master's programme.
Amsterdam UVAFinance: Quantitative Finance voltijd Amsterdam
Do you have a mind for mathematics and an interest for data driven analysis applied to financial decision making? This may well be the track for you.​
Amsterdam UVAFinance: Quantitative Finance voltijd 
Amsterdam UVAFinance: Real Estate Finance voltijd Amsterdam
How do you determine the price of a house? What is property actually worth? In this Master's programme you'll find out how to answers this kind of questions!
RUGFinancial Inclusion and Sustainable Growth voltijd Groningen
This summer school will discuss the major developments regarding research on financial inclusion, including microfinance.
ErasmusFinancial Markets & Communication voltijd 
KronenburghFinanciële Dienstverlening - WFT Schade Particulier (Praktijkopleiding - Den Haag) voltijddeeltijddualeavondonderwijs Den Haag
Met WFT Schade Particulier kunt u werken als financieel adviseur.
ErasmusFinanciën voor technici voltijd Rotterdam
Ben je een manager met een kwantitatieve achtergrond in techniek of wetenschap? Leer over de belangrijkste aspecten van financiën, waardoor je de financiële aspecten van jouw rol beter leert begrijpen
Wageningen UniversityFisheries governance for food security voltijd 
VHLFood Security and Gender voltijd Velp
For rural development professionals and organisations, it is of the utmost importance to understand the livelihoods, capabilities and coping strategies of populations in need of assistance. As men and
Wageningen UniversityFood security in an urbanising society voltijd Wageningen
Universiteit LeidenForensic Archaeology Summer School voltijd Leiden
This five-day course is aimed at forensic practitioners who would like to improve their search, documentation and excavation skills of clandestine graves.
Maastricht UniversityFoundation Programme voltijd Maastricht
The Maastricht University Foundation Programme prepares motivated international students to make them eligible to apply for a Bachelor's programme at Maastricht University.
Universiteit LeidenFrontiers of Children's Rights voltijd Leiden
For Advanced Students and Professionals
SaxionGame Design and Production (studieroute) voltijd 
Game Design & Production is een Engelstalige studieroute die jou opleidt tot de gamedesigner van de toekomst.
SaxionGame Engineering voltijd 
Als student van de studieroute Game Engineering word je opgeleid tot gametechnoloog die verstand heeft van de technologieën achter de games.
Radboud UniversiteitGender: A Core Concept in Society and Science voltijd Nijmegen
8 - 12 August 2016. This course provides an advanced introduction to the concepts of gender, diversity and intersectionality and we apply these to contemporary issues in society.
Maastricht UniversityGeopolitical Framing Analysis: National Images, World Views and Global Dividing Lines voltijd 
This course teaches you the skills to study geopolitical framing, which concerns the construction of similarities, differences and connections between states.
Maastricht UniversityGeopolitical Scenario Planning: National Security, Geo-Economics and Foreign Policy Strategy voltijd 
This course teaches you the skills to study geopolitical drivers of inter-state conflicts, write scenarios for these conflicts and assess the impact of these scenarios on the foreign policy strategy o
AT ComputingGevorderd C++ voltijd UTRECHT
Deze opleiding is OS-platform onafhankelijk In deze cursus gaan we in op de uitbreidbaarheid van de standaard C++-bibliotheek en geven we aanwijzingen die de C++-programmeur in de gelegenheid ste...
Amsterdam UVAGezondheidszorgpsychologie: Klinische Ontwikkelingspsychologie voltijd Amsterdam
Amsterdam UVAGezondheidszorgpsychologie: Klinische Scientist-Practitioner in de Ouderenpsychologie voltijd Amsterdam
HvAGlobal Branding & Cambridge English voltijd 
In Amsterdam is an increasing demand for professionals who are both fluent in English and have excellent business communication skills.
Radboud UniversiteitGlobal Challenges in Healthcare: the Dutch Primary Healthcare Perspective voltijd Nijmegen
1 - 5 August 2016. In this course you will gain knowledge about form, function and philosophy of primary care in the Netherlands today.
Amsterdam VUGlobal Health (VU Amsterdam Summer School) voltijd Amsterdam
Take a holistic approach to health and disease-related problems around the world in a global classroom setting. Complement your learning with field visits and critical data analysis.
HanzeGlobal Health & Quantified Self voltijd Groningen
The minor Global Health & Quantified Self concerns aspects of globalization and health, linked to digital health and the opportunities and challenges this brings.
Wageningen UniversityGlobal one Health: towards human, animal and plant health voltijd 
Amsterdam VUGlobal Perceptions of Mental Health voltijd 
How young is too young to diagnose a child with bipolar disorder? What is the solution to alcohol addiction in South Korea? What is normal – and does “normal” even exist?
Amsterdam VUGoverning Climate Change: Theory and Practice (VU Amsterdam Summer School) voltijd Amsterdam
Take an interdisciplinary approach to climate change and mix theory with practice via discussions, simulations, and field visits. In cooperation with the Department for Environmental Policy Analysis.
Amsterdam UVAGrant Writing & Proposal Development voltijd Amsterdam
Gain the understanding of grant development process and develop skills and learn about strategies for efficient and successful proposal writing
ErasmusGreen Cities for Eco-efficiency (ECO)(IHS) voltijd Rotterdam
Half the world's population now live in built-up areas, with an estimated 60 million people being added every year. It is necessary to develop sustainable urban energy policies for efficient land use.
Amsterdam VUHands-on Anthropology and Collaborative Storytelling in Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam Summer School) voltijd 
This course focuses on hands-on anthropology with strong orientation toward storytelling and narrating the life of others from cultural anthropological perspectives.
SaxionHBO-ICT / Business (studierichting) voltijd 
Hoe zorg je ervoor dat mensen beter kunnen functioneren door de inzet van informatietechnologie? Het antwoord op deze vraag leer je bij de studierichting Business van de opleiding HBO-ICT.
SaxionHBO-ICT / IT Service Management (studieroute) voltijd 
Bij IT Service Management word je klaargestoomd voor een breed scala aan functies in de innovatieve wereld van ICT.
SaxionHBO-ICT / Software Engineering (studierichting) voltijd 
De studierichting Software Engineering leert je alles over het maken van software, van idee tot realisatie
RUGHealth and Human Rights voltijd Groningen
Amsterdam VUHeritage at War: Cultural Objects in Times of Conflict (VU Amsterdam Summer School) voltijd Amsterdam
Cultural artefacts and antiquities have always been part of the arsenal of warfare and violent conflict.
ZuidemaHet Structogram ®: ontdek de kleur van je persoonlijkheid voltijd Leusden
Begrijp het gedrag van jezelf en de ander. Vergroot je persoonlijke effectiviteit en werk makkelijker samen.
De BaakHigh Performance Leadership voltijddeeltijdavondonderwijs de Baak Driebergen
Meer presteren met bevlogen medewerkers
NHLHigh Voltage voltijd Leeuwarden
Do you hold a seafarer's certificate of competence as engineer officer, second engineer, chief engineer or maritime officer?
High Voltage voltijd Leeuwarden
Do you hold a seafarer's certificate of competence as engineer officer, second engineer, chief engineer or maritime officer?
Radboud UniversiteitHistorical Demography: Reconstructing Life Course Dynamics voltijd Nijmegen
4-15 July 2016. This course provides an introduction into the life course approach in historical demography as well as a training in the skills required to handle lifecourse data from large databases
Maastricht UniversityHistory, Culture and Arts in Europe voltijd Maastricht
History, Culture and Arts in Europe invites you to investigate Europe by exploring artistic movements and social history, as well as philosophical and cultural ideas, from a European perspective
NHLHoe verduurzaam ik mijn woning? voltijd Leeuwarden
Heb je een eigen woning en ben je nieuwsgierig naar de toekomstbestendigheid van deze woning?
Hoe verduurzaam ik mijn woning? voltijd Leeuwarden
Heb je een eigen woning en ben je nieuwsgierig naar de toekomstbestendigheid van deze woning?
Universiteit LeidenHonours Academy voltijd Leiden
De Honours Academy biedt getalenteerde en gemotiveerde studenten alle kansen om zich tijdens hun studie te ontwikkelen tot leiders voor de toekomst.
Tilburg UniversityHonours programma voltijd 
Het Engelstalige Honors program stimuleert de ambitieuze student om zich naast het reguliere studieprogramma te verdiepen in verschillende kenmerkende aspecten van andere universitaire studies.
Hospitality & Evenementen Management  
SaxionHotel Management voltijd 
Are you interested in the fast-paced hospitality business? If so, then Hotel Management could be right for you!
Hotel Management 3 Year Track voltijd Leeuwarden
Heb je een vwo-diploma? Dan kun je de studie Hotel Management van Stenden Hotel Management School in 3 jaar volgen. Kies voor onze opleiding met eigen viersterrenhotel en internationale mogelijkheden!
StendenHotel Management 3 Year Track voltijd Leeuwarden
StendenHotel Management MHS/MOH instroom voltijd Leeuwarden
Hotel Management MHS/MOH instroom voltijd Leeuwarden
Radboud UniversiteitHow to Become an Excellent Lecturer? voltijd Nijmegen
1-5 August 2016. What is teaching and learning like in Higher Education? In this course you will learn to master these techniques by practicing them right away with your fellow participants.
Radboud UniversiteitHow to Improve the Quality and Translatability of Preclinical Animal Studies voltijd 
1 - 5 August 2016. In this course, you will get hands-on training in a new method that helps meeting ethically justified animal experiments, namely systematic reviews.
Radboud UniversiteitHow to Keep Healthcare Sustainable for Every Citizen voltijd Nijmegen
What are the underlying mechanisms behind healthcare's increasing costs? In this course you learn from academic experts, real policymakers and healthcare administrators.
Radboud UniversiteitHow to Translate Basic Research into Clinical Applications: Lessons from the Eye voltijd Nijmegen
8-12 August 2016. During this intensive one-week course you will be guided through all phases of translational research based on lessons we have learned from the eye
ErasmusHR Strategy and Effectiveness voltijd Rotterdam
Three-day HR Strategy and Effectiveness programme for human resource professionals to assess and act upon the contribution of HR processes to business objectives.
Amsterdam VUHuman Movement Analysis (VU Amsterdam Summer School) voltijd Amsterdam
Practical exploration of human movement sciences in a laboratory setting. Featuring hands-on learning at the Adidas MiCoach Performance Centre and Amsterdam Rehabilitation Research Centre.
Universiteit LeidenHuman Rights and Transitional Justice: Truth-Finding, Remedies and Reparations voltijd Den Haag
The Human Rights and Transitional Justice Summer School focuses on a different theme within the field of human rights and transitional justice each year.
Maastricht UniversityHuman Trafficking and Sexual Violence in Conflict: Achievements, Challenges and Ways Forward voltijd 
All around the world, numerous men, women, boys and girls suffer the harsh consequences of human trafficking and sexual violence in conflict.
RUGHumour and Satire in Contemporary Europe: Cultural, Political and Cognitive Perspectives voltijd Groningen
This summer school focuses on the various forms taken by humour in contemporary European societies
Hydrography voltijd Leeuwarden
Measuring, describing and depicting the seabed is crucial to the maintenance and development of ports, offshore renewables, safe navigation and the continuing search for hydrocarbons.
NHLHydrography voltijd Leeuwarden
Measuring, describing and depicting the seabed is crucial to the maintenance and development of ports, offshore renewables, safe navigation and the continuing search for hydrocarbons.
De BaakIk en de Anderen voltijddeeltijdavondonderwijs de Baak Driebergen
Jezelf zijn én blijven in contact met anderen
RUGIllicit Trade voltijd Groningen
The Illicit Trade Summer School brings together an outstanding group of experts, practitioners, and fellow participants for a unique, intensive week of practice-oriented study, debate and field-trips.
Amsterdam VUImpact of an Empire voltijd 
This course looks at how the empire impacted those pre-existing communities. How did conquest and incorporation into the Roman Empire change the lives of individual people at grass-roots level?
TU EindhovenIndustrial Engineering voltijd Eindhoven
Ready for the next step after your master? Apply for a PDEng and become a technological designer. The PDEng IE focuses on designing innovations in logistic systems that enhance its performance
Maastricht UniversityInnovation and Development Patterns around the Globe voltijd Maastricht
The goal for the student is to gain understanding about the variety of development patterns and industrial policies across the global economy.
Maastricht UniversityInnovation and the Global Income Distribution voltijd Maastricht
The goals is for the students to become acquainted with the basic economic facts and theories about globalization.
RUGInnovation in Medicine voltijd Groningen
The IPIM Summer School aims at teaching students about private sector priorities and the societal impact of their research, in order to help them to become fully equipped translational researchers.
Maastricht UniversityInnovation Systems in the Global Economy voltijd Maastricht
The goal of the course is for the students to gain a theoretical and empirical understanding of innovation systems.
VHLInnovations for sustainability voltijd Leeuwarden
The innovations for sustainability programme participants to sustainable development, as a framework to analyse and develop innovative solutions for the most important problems of our time.
HRIntensive foundation programme (6 months) voltijd Rotterdam
An ideal starting block for the English-taught Master programmes at Rotterdam Business School.
Maastricht UniversityIntercultural Communication voltijd 
The course, ICC2001 Intercultural Communication, provides a fundamental introduction to Intercultural Communication.
RUGIntercultural Competence voltijd Groningen
'Developing intercultural competence is a core capability in the 21st century and involves cultural self-awareness, understanding the experiences of people from diverse communities, and the capability
SaxionInterior Design and Styling (Jan des Bouvrie Academie) - Saxion Next voltijd 
De opleiding Interior Design & Styling (Jan des Bouvrie Academie) is ontwikkeld in samenwerking met de ontwerpstudio van Jan des Bouvrie.
Amsterdam UVAInternational Amsterdam Medical Summerschool voltijd Amsterdam
Patients, doctors, pharmaceutical companies, scientists, politics are all involved in the world of rare/orphan diseases. This course will grant the participants valuable insight in the roles of these
ErasmusInternational and European Union Law voltijd 
Explore the processes and consequences of increased economic integration, which are ongoing both within the European Union and internationally. Economic integration affects our lives in multiple ways
Universiteit LeidenInternational Arbitration Training Course - Summer School voltijd Den Haag
For Advanced Law Students and Professional
Universiteit LeidenInternational Arbitration Training Course - Summer School voltijd Leiden
The Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies at Leiden University and the Permanent Court of Arbitration are pleased to launch an International Arbitration Training Course.
StendenInternational Business and Management Studies voltijd Doha, Qatar
The four-year program was developed in 2001 by three European universities with specializations in Economics, Service Management and Business.
International Business Finance Management  
EuroCollegeInternational Business Finance Management voltijd 
Maastricht UniversityInternational Business: Transatlantic Trade and Investment voltijd 
This course focuses on recent trends in European Union (EU) trade with the United States in goods and services and in foreign direct investment (FDI).
Universiteit LeidenInternational Children's Rights voltijd Leiden
Leiden and The Hague, 11-15 July 2016. Frontiers of Children's Rights provides a comprehensive children's rights course.
HanzeInternational Civil Engineering Management voltijd Groningen
Amsterdam VUInternational Course in Health Development voltijd Amsterdam
ErasmusInternational Course on Housing and Urban Development (ICHUD) (IHS) voltijd Rotterdam
Specialize yourself as an urban professional! This course offers the opportunity to join part of the specialisation period of the master programme in Urban Management and Development.
Amsterdam VUInternational Criminal Justice (VU Amsterdam Summer School) voltijd Amsterdam
Take advantage of Amsterdam's proximity to the legal capital of the world, The Hague, and work directly with experts in the field to analyze pressing challenges in international criminal law.
Universiteit LeidenInternational Criminal Law: From Theory To Practice  Den Haag
Universiteit LeidenInternational Criminal Law: From Theory To Practice voltijd Leiden
For Law Students and Professionals | This summer school enables students and professionals from all over the world to engage in discussions on the prospects and challenges of international criminal ju
Maastricht UniversityInternational Environmental Law voltijd Maastricht
The program takes a fundamental approach to discussing the role of international law.
HvAInternational Fashion in Amsterdam voltijd 
Fashion is a dynamic industry, which appeals to lots of people. However, it is quite complex; we have for example fast fashion, slow fashion, eco fashion, haute couture and economic confection.
International Hotel & Hospitality Management  
SaxionInternational Human Resource Management (IHRM) voltijd 
Do you want to experience intercultural differences, work in an international organization and develop new approaches to HRM? Then International Human Resource Management is an excellent choice!
Universiteit LeidenInternational Humanitarian Law in Theory and Practice voltijd Den Haag
This summer the Grotius Centre will host the second edition of the International Humanitarian Law Summer School.
HanzeInternational Industrial Entrepreneurship voltijd Groningen
International Industrial Entrepreneurship (IIE) is a programme focusing on entrepreneurial knowledge and skills.
Maastricht UniversityInternational Intellectual Property Law and Policy voltijd Maastricht
International Intellectual Property Law and Policy
RUGInternational Law for Sustainable Societies voltijd Groningen
This summer school, organized by the Department of International Law, aims to explore the contribution of international law to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
HanzeInternational Law, a practical approach voltijd Groningen
The School of Law offers you a semester in International Law with an international student body.
HRInternational Marketing and Logistics voltijd Rotterdam
Maastricht UniversityInternational Relations and Politics in the European Union - Peace, conflicts and human rights voltijd Maastricht
The European Union is a supranational union of nations, created in the wake of World War II largely to prevent further mass conflict through economic and closer political integration.
Universiteit LeidenInternational Tax Law: US Domestic Tax Law - Individual Income Tax Law voltijd Leiden
This course covers the basics of federal income taxation of individuals.
International Tourism & Hospitality Management  
EuroCollegeInternational Tourism & Hospitality Management voltijd 
Maastricht UniversityInternational Trade: Theory, Policy, Environment and Development voltijd Maastricht
SaxionInternational Water Technology (studieroute) voltijd 
Bij de studieroute International Water Technology leer je hoe je waar ook ter wereld schoon water weet te maken en weet schoon te houden.
Amsterdam UVAIntroduction into Sexuality Studies voltijd Amsterdam
This three-week course provides an excellent interdisciplinary introduction to the important debates around sexuality and gender in the social sciences.